You Only Choose Once, Choose Joy!

Dear Potential New Members,


My name is Claudia Bradford and I am honored to be the Chi Omega recruitment chair for 2020. I encourage you to browse our website to grasp a better understanding of what the Rho Epsilon chapter of Chi Omega has to offer! Adapting to the college experience can sometimes be overwhelming. However, recruitment is an exciting opportunity where you will get the chance to begin your college experience as a part of our incredible Greek community. Remember—each girl in our chapter was once in your shoes. We cannot wait for you to feel the excitement we did. Greek life is incredibly rewarding and recruitment is only the first step. Chi Omega has  greatly impacted each of our college experiences and it has provided us with more than we could have ever imagined. We have created unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. In Chi Omega, we have been provided with many opportunities to get plugged in to the TCU community, enhancing our overall experience. We have had the opportunity to participate in fraternities’ philanthropy functions, attend mixers and other social events, and are constantly learning about new ways to get involved on campus. As a Chi Omega, you can be an involved new member right from the start and fully embrace a well-rounded college experience. For us, it was a decision that has enriched our entire college experience, and one we would never wish to change. We can't wait for you to experience this exciting journey! 



Claudia Bradford

Recruitment Chair 



     ★   ★   ★   ★   Recruitment Team 2020  ★   ★   ★   ★


Claudia Bradford

Recruitment Chair


Emily Citarella

Recruitment Team


Hannah Johnson

Recruitment Team


Emily Calloway

Head of  Upstairs Recruitment 


Annalea Pedigo

Assistant Recruitment Chair


Francesca Lopinto

Recruitment Team


Caroline Menzia

Recruitment Team


Katy Stumb

Recruitment Team


Avery Mendillo

Recruitment Team



For alumnae who wish to recommend a potential new member to Rho Epsilon, please find the Recruitment Information Form (RIF) available online at Chi Omega Everyday.  

We strongly encourage RIF submittal via the online system; however, we do understand there will be some circumstances in which a paper RIF is the only option. 


Please send completed paper RIFs and other correspondence to


Or mail to:


Claudia Bradford
2709 McCart Ave

Unit 209

Fort Worth, TX 76110

Online RIFs can be found by logging into the Chi Omega EveryDay website, .

For information about Sorority Fall Recruitment and Greek Life and to register for formal Recruitment, please visit

To get more information and register for formal Recruitment, please